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Bandcamp release includes a DS themed bonus track!

Thanks to Avolicis for creating the artwork!
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Please Wait - Dev Talk

It’s been almost half a year since my last release, and I finally managed to finish a new track! This time it’s a song themed after loading screens and hold music.

I get scam calls more often nowadays and one of them had really terrible hold music. So I thought, what if I made hold music that’s actually kinda listenable? And also too bass heavy??


The first thing I made in this project was probably the chord progression. The chords are essentially the same chord being transposed up and down. Gives it that “loading” feel like you’re waiting, it’s doing something, but it’s also not quite done yet. I used a bunch of ambient and chiptune instruments, taking inspiration from the game soundtrack of Mario Kart and Splatoon for example. I could’ve gone the bossa nova elevator music route but I liked this one more at the time.

Song structure & arrangement

Looking back at older songs I used to have really simple song structures, usually going like

intro - build - drop - break - build - drop - outro

which is in too many of songs of mine imo (basically every song in my Desync EP except Reboot). This time I wanted to switch it up a bit. What if I started out with an exciting intro and went straight into the drop without a build up section? I wanted to give that a try.

It didn’t sound quite right at first but I figured that I could hint a drop section was coming up with enough teasing. All this while avoiding the typical snare-roll--riser-speeding-up type buildup. Now the intro section still creates the necessary tension towards the drop so it doubles as a build up too!
I wanted an excuse to make a bass heavy section as well so I made everything corrupt halfway through the song. It wouldn’t be a sunnexo track without random mood changes would it :3

This arrangement ended up pretty cool! I was able to make a more assymmetrical song structure and I broke my bad habit of sticking to a generic layout.

The song structure in Please Wait goes something like

intro - drop - more drop - short break - bass drop - more bass drop - garage ish - intro but different - easter egg at the end that is also crucial for the lore).

Which is more interesting to listen to I think!


I should probably talk about the synths I’ve used as well. Most of the chiptune stuff is made either in LSDJ (Little Sound DJ) or magical8bitplug2 by YMCK. The piano is from an FL Studio FLEX library called “Essential Pianos”, I use those in almost every song. The bass design is done usign PhasePlant by kiloHearts and lastly theres some Vital and soundfonts here and there. By far the most important instrument has to be Meowsynth though!!


And lastly the cover art was made by Avolicis! He made the artwork for Desync and was willing to make another one for Please Wait. It usually starts out with me sending a horrible sketch to him and waiting until he does his magic. Background footage was made using MIDITrail and FL Studio.

Thank you for reading, you can listen to Please Wait below

Bandcamp release includes a DS themed bonus track!